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Easy Ways To Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets For A Modern Look

Updating your old and outdated kitchen cabinets can help improve the overall functionality of your kitchen space. Update your cabinetry, and you can open up your kitchen and boost its aesthetic appeal.

While you can get contemporary pieces from big-box stores and suppliers, you can always update your wood kitchen cabinets without having to replace them. Here are a few great ideas to get you started.

1. Fresh Coat of Paint or Staining

Give your wood kitchen cabinets a new finish by staining or applying a fresh coat of paint. This is a simple and affordable way to breathe life into your cabinets. White is always a great pick for that modern look. Blend and contrast the white in equal measure throughout the kitchen, and you will easily create a space that is contemporarily stylish and warm. 

2. Upgrade the Hardware

It is definitely time for the old and boring hardware on your kitchen cabinets to go. There is an extensive range of pulls available in various modern styles and colors. Antique brass and polished nickel are some of the best picks that will help add that touch of modern sophistication to your cabinets.

When shopping for the new pulls, ensure you note the width of what you currently have. It's better for you if you can find a perfect match, as this means that you will not need to drill new holes for the new hardware.

3. Get Rid of the Doors 

Open shelving has an airy and modern feel and look to it. Minimizing upper cabinetry is also a modern concept, and instead of removing the wood kitchen cabinets altogether, you can get away with removing just the doors. With the doors gone, you can strategically place some of your kitchenware, especially glassware, in these open kitchen cabinets as decorative items. 

4. Add Under-Cabinet Lighting

Installing lighting under kitchen cabinets is not only practical, but it adds an undeniable modern charm. Just enough lighting under the cabinets, and you don't have to worry about shadowing from your ceiling and hanging lighting fixtures. It also adds extra warmth to your kitchen space, and you have better lighting when working near the cabinets.

With these and more tips, you can give your old kitchen cabinets a much-needed update. As outlined, you can pull off this upgrade and add to your cabinets' style and functionality affordably and not have to worry about spending too much on buying new ones. 

Contact a kitchen renovation contractor to learn more.