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Benefits Of Using Rubber Safety Surfacing For Your Pool Deck

If you have a commercial pool deck in need of a resurfacing job, rubber safety surfacing is a popular and relatively inexpensive alternative to the more common concrete option. Whether your pool is located in a spa, hotel, or gym, rubber is a versatile solution that can be applied directly over the current broken or uneven concrete deck surface without an extensive demolition. Here are just a few of the additional benefits of choosing rubber safety surfacing for your commercial pool deck

1) Long-Lasting Safety 

Rubber safety surfacing is incredibly durable. Once installed, rubber decking will keep its shape as time goes by, expanding or contracting as necessary under stress or temperature changes. For this reason, rubber safety surfacing provides a long-lasting solution. It is also a safe surface for a pool deck. With its slip-resistant and seamless texture, there is a smaller chance of falling if the deck is wet. Furthermore, rubber surfacing is shock-absorbent so an accidental slip and fall will probably not lead to a major injury as it could on a concrete pool deck. Rubber resurfacing also has other safety benefits — it doesn't contain hazardous chemicals and is unaffected by the heat, so you won't burn your feet on a hot day by the pool.

2) Low Maintenance

When you have your pool deck resurfaced, it's important to choose a solution that is simple to maintain. Rubber surfacing is ideal for pools because it is easy to clean. Since the surface won't stain, you will usually only need soap and water for cleaning purposes. Rubber also resists the build-up of bacteria, so you won't have to worry about performing mold remediation measures. A pool deck with rubber safety surfacing can withstand seasonal changes that concrete pool decks cannot endure, such as icy winters that cause cracking. After the rubber surface is in place, your pool deck will require minimal maintenance or rework.

3) Visually Appealing

Rubber surfacing can create a nice look for your pool deck. It is customizable, so you can choose a color or style that fits your ideal preferences. For example, you may wish to use a slate grey or sandy brown hue for a community pool, while a clay red or blue-green shade might be better for a spa or gym. Many commercial pool deck contractors also offer rubber surfacing tiles that are modeled to appear like stone or asphalt. Whether you desire a classic and natural color scheme or you want to try something more unique, rubber surfacing will give you the capability to personalize your pool deck based upon your business requirements.

If you need your pool deck resurfaced, rubber safety surfacing is a valuable option that provides safety, durability, and a pleasing appearance to any commercial pool.