What Could Be Causing Your Ice Cold Showers?

4 Reasons to Call an Emergency Plumber Right Away

Few things are worse than waking up in the middle of the night to find one of your pipes has exploded or walking down into a basement that is completely flooded. If you've experienced these or other disasters, you'll be glad you have someone to call. Emergency plumbers in your area are used to getting calls early in the morning with a major emergency and know firsthand how to calm customers that have a crisis on your hands.

Below are four reasons you may need to call emergency plumbing services right away. 

Cold Showers

Though taking a cold shower can be good for your health, most people prefer to have the option of warming up if they want to. Regardless, a cold shower that is refusing to turn hot can be a sign that your water heater is on the fritz. That's more than just a simple inconvenience too; a bad water heater can burst and flood the area, leaving you with massive water bills. Turn the water off to your house (if you can), and call for emergency plumbing in your area immediately.

Dripping Faucet

Ironically, keeping your faucet dripping is one of the best ways to keep your pipes from freezing, but if you notice that your faucets (indoor or outdoor) are constantly dripping in those cold winter months, you might have an internal leak on your hands. Though you may not see it, the water could be pooling inside your walls somewhere, causing water damage and eventually mold, so it's best to call an emergency plumber in to inspect the house.

Significant Flooding

A large pool of water anywhere but inside your pool is a major issue, whether it's happening on the floor of your garage or in the middle of your backyard. It's usually a sign that there's a leak somewhere, or if you have a septic system, that it's clogged and backing up through the only available areas it can. Fortunately, not only do emergency plumbers usually provide the means to fix the problem, but they can also help with cleanup as well.

No Water At All

Without water, nothing works in your home: toilets, faucets, showers, etc. If you turn the knob and nothing happens, it could mean that the main water pipe has burst, or that you have a clog somewhere. Either way, these are major issues that need to be addressed in a hurry before they start affecting the rest of your house as well.