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Tips To Get Ready For An Air Conditioning Installation

If you have finally decided that you need to have a new air conditioning system installed in your home, you may be getting ready for that installation. However, many homeowners don't fully understand what's involved in that installation or what they need to do in order to be prepared. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind as you get ready to have that new air conditioning unit installed in your home.

Know Where To Place The Unit

The first decision you need to make is where you are going to place the air conditioning unit. In some cases, you may decide to install the new unit in the same location where the old one is. This is usually the simplest solution because there's typically a concrete pad already in place there. 

You may also decide that the old unit was poorly placed and not optimal where it was installed. Perhaps it was installed somewhere with a lot of direct sunlight, or maybe it was too far from the main area of your home. In those cases, you will need to have a new concrete pad placed for your new air conditioner installation.

Clear The Installation Area

The area around your installation location needs to be clear in order for the installation to be successful. You need to ensure that the installation technician has complete access to the installation area. This means eliminating any bushes, tree branches, or similar growth that may be threatening the area. You should also ensure that there are no toys, bikes, or outdoor furniture objects that may be in the way.

Along with clearing out the installation area itself, make sure that there is a pathway cleared from the driveway to the installation area. The installation technicians need to be able to travel easily from the delivery area in your driveway to the installation area by the house.

Make Space For The Installation Equipment

One thing many homeowners don't think about is the equipment involved in an air conditioning system installation. You will need to have space in your driveway for the installation trucks, potentially a crane for rooftop installations, and even a backhoe or other equipment if a hole needs to be dug to create a foundation for a new concrete pad. Keep your cars parked either in the garage or on the street so that there's sufficient room while the installation is going on.

Ensure The Air Ducts Are Secure

Your air ducts are an essential component for your air conditioning system. Those ducts are necessary to distribute cool air throughout your home. That means having your air ducts inspected to ensure that there are no leaks or damaged areas. 

If any leaks or damage become apparent, have them repaired immediately before you install the new air conditioning system. Your new system won't be reliable without being able to properly distribute air throughout the home. To learn more, contact your local air conditioning installation service today.