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How To Get A Long Life From Your Wood Fence

Wood fencing is the classic choice for many homeowners. You can't go wrong when you choose wood for your new fence since many of your neighbors probably have wood fences too. While these fences are attractive and popular, they need a lot of maintenance to have long lives. Wood eventually deteriorates, but here are some things you can do to get a long life from your wood fence.

Choose The Best Materials

Don't buy your fencing materials based on budget or appearance; instead, choose them based on durability. Pressure-treated lumber is a good choice for the posts since they will be sunk into the ground. You can also use pressure-treated lumber for the rest of the fence, but you might prefer a natural choice like cedar. Look for wood that repels insect damage and is slow to rot. Woods like cedar with natural oils that repel insects and resist water damage are good choices for fencing.

Talk To Your Installer About Building A Sturdy Fence

When it comes to your wood fence installation, you may want to talk to the fence company about ways to make the fence as strong as possible. One way to do that is to place the posts closer together to reduce sagging of the panels and to make the fence is sturdy. Another idea is to use screws rather than nails so the fence stays tight and you don't have to deal with nails coming loose. You may also want hardware made of materials that won't rust. Also, ensure the fence is installed so the wood, even if it's pressure-treated wood, is protected from contact with the soil to prevent rot from dampness. This is usually done by placing the posts on top of gravel and then surrounding them with concrete.

Learn How To Maintain The Fence

Maintaining the fence is a matter of protecting it from dampness and keeping it sturdy. Inspect the fence regularly so you can tighten loose boards and replace broken or loose hardware. You also want to stain the fence every few years to seal out moisture and keep the fence attractive. Additionally, keep plant growth away from the fence so it doesn't hold moisture against the wood.

With proper maintenance, you can get many years of life from a wood fence and keep it attractive during that time. A wood fence takes more work than other types of fencing, but the effort is usually worth it to have an attractive fence around your property.