What Could Be Causing Your Ice Cold Showers?

Protect Your Business From Frozen Pipes

With winter comes all sorts of challenges. Not only do you have to worry about adverse weather keeping customers from coming into your business, but you also have to worry about your pipes freezing. For a business, a frozen pipe can introduce all sorts of concerns. Not only does the need to have the pipe replaced arise, but you could also have significant water damage, which could cause you to shut down. Discover some proactive steps you can take to prevent your pipes from freezing. 


Make sure you insulate well around your business. Some of the critical areas to insulate include attics, roof spaces, crawl spaces, and any storage areas where there are pipes. When it's cold outside, these un-insulated spaces can feel just as cool, or cooler than the air temperature outside. If the temperature is freezing, it's likely that your pipes will freeze.

A good insulation material in these places will keep the temperature in the space regulated and prevent your pipes from freezing. In addition to minimizing this issue, insulating these places can also keep the inside of your business warmer naturally, which can lower your energy cost. 

Heat Sprinklers

You probably only think about your sprinkler system in terms of fire safety. However, when the temperature drops below freezing, fire sprinklers can freeze. In the event of a fire, a frozen pipe system will prevent adequate water delivery, which will prevent the sprinklers from safeguarding your building.

In addition to insulation, you may want to have a heat tracing system installed. A heat tracer is a tape-like structure that is affixed to a pipe to deliver heat to the pipe and prevent it from freezing. In the future, you might even consider installing an anti-freeze sprinkler system so that you don't have to worry about the issue. 

Drain Pipes

One proactive thing you can do to prevent your pipes from freezing is to drain any pipes that you don't need to use during the winter. For example, if you have an outdoor sprinkler system, you should drain the pipes during the winter. Although the pipes are outside, if they freeze, there is still a risk that they can lead to water damage on the inside. 

For the best results, it's best to drain the pipes before the temperate drops. By the time the freezing temperatures arrive, it might be too late. 

For further assistance with preventing this issue, speak with a commercial plumbing professional. Contact a plumbing professional right away to protect your business. Companies like PSL Plumbing can help.