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Fight Climate Change With These Eco-Friendly Roofing Tips

Do you want to do more to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change? One way to contribute to the green movement is to look up -- towards your roof. There are several eco-friendly roofing tips that will help reduce your energy consumption, thereby reducing carbon emissions and the burning of fossil fuels.

Keep your insulation up to par

If your attic insulation is not adequate, you'll lose a lot of heat through the roof in the winter, causing your heating bills to soar. Similarly, in the summer months, heat will come in through your roof and cause you air conditioner to power through more electricity. If you don't already have two layers of insulation in your attic, add a second one. If your insulation is discolored or compacted, replace it completely to save energy.

Poor attic insulation also leads to premature roof deterioration, as it allows heat to pass through the shingles, damaging them. Manufacturing a new roof requires the burning of fossil fuels, so maintaining your insulation will help extend your roof's lifespan and thereby reduce carbon emissions.

Choose a lighter-colored roof

If you need to replace your roof, make sure you choose a light color -- like white or tan -- rather than the classic black or dark gray. Lighter colors reflect more sunlight, helping to further decrease your AC bills in the summer. They also tend to last longer than dark roofs since they don't absorb so much heat from the sun.

If you do not need to replace your roof any time soon, you can still take advantage of the light roof concept. Have your roof painted with a cool roof coating. These coatings are typically white and reflective, and they can be sprayed onto shingles, metal, and even slate.

Add overhangs

If you are getting a new roof or don't mind putting a little money towards renovations, consider adding more of an overhang to your roof. The overhang will keep so much sunlight from hitting the sides of your home and from coming through the windows. In the winter, it will also help keep snow and ice from directly hitting your home, which can keep heating bills down.

To learn more about green roofing and ways to fight climate change, reach out to a local roofing company like All Weather Exteriors. They can suggest the most energy-efficient roofing materials and modifications for your unique home, while also giving you estimates for the various materials.