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Attend A Directional Drilling Rodeo To Find Great Employees For Your Drilling Company

In directional drilling rodeos, women and men who are the best in their profession compete for serious prize money as they quickly drill towards a target. Although these events have never aired on primetime television, the participants are physically fit, skilled and driven. If you have an interest in directional drilling operations and are looking for skilled, hard-working employees, attend a directional drilling rodeo. They're held both in Canada and the U.S., and they're the perfect place to find excellent candidates.

Sponsors Show Off Equipment at Directional Drilling Rodeos

In directional drilling rodeos, drilling teams compete for prize money -- serious prize money. Prizes at one rodeo in Ohio, for example, came to $30,000. Prize funds, along with all the other expenses associated with holding a rodeo, are usually fronted by companies who produce directional drilling supplies.

Equipment manufacturers and drilling fluid suppliers are willing to pay for directional drilling rodeos because they get to showcase their products. If a fluid supplier sponsors a rodeo, for instance, all teams might be required to use their fluids. Sponsors hope people in the industry, like yourself, will see how well their products work and purchase materials from them.

Drillers Compete on Teams

Teams of drillers go head-to-head in a typical rodeo setting, with spectators in stands around them. They drill towards a target, following a specific course. Most courses include two depths that teams must hit, along with a gradient that they must maintain between these two depths. Whichever team is more accurate and faster wins.

For example, a course might require teams to drill straight down to 55 feet, and then horizontally at a 2.25 percent grade until they reach a depth of 165 feet. In this example, once they hit 165 feet, they would drill upwards towards the surface and try to hit a target on the ground.

The exact course that teams will be asked to follow at a directional drilling rodeo will depend on what company is sponsoring the event. A company that makes equipment for drilling city sewers will likely set up a different course than one that provides fluids for oil drilling. Any team that can complete a course and place will have the skills necessary to adapt to other types of directional drilling.

At the end of the competition, teams are scored on both accuracy and time. The fastest team wins, but time penalties are assessed for missing the required depths and gradient, and bonus time is deducted for hitting the target exactly.

Attend to Recruit New Employees

While you might be excited to see the new equipment and supplies that companies in the directional drilling industry are offering, you shouldn't solely focus on the products being featured at a directional drilling rodeo. Make sure you also watch how well the teams do -- especially if your company needs new employees. These are some of the best professionals in the industry, and this is a rare opportunity to see them go toe-to-toe against each other in a controlled setting. You won't have a better chance to assess individuals' and teams' skills and abilities.

As you think about who to approach with a job offer, consider trying to recruit an entire team. Directional drilling is a team effort, and keeping successful teams together will help ensure that your company's new group has chemistry.

If you're in the directional drilling industry and need to hire new employees, don't just post a job ad. Instead, attend a directional drilling rodeo and try to recruit a team of some of the best professionals in the industry. If you're successful, they may just turn out to be some of your best employees.