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5 Toilet Upgrades You Can Install To Make Your Toilet Experience Better

The average person spends a year and a half of their lifetime on the toilet. As everyone needs to use the toilet, why not add a few upgrades to your home toilet? There are many different types of add-ons for your toilet available on the market today. Here are five different upgrades you can install on your own toilet.

Dual-Flush Toilet

There are no regulations in Canada limiting the amount of water that can be used per toilet flush, so you can choose a toilet that fits your needs. There are standard flush toilets, low flush toilets, and ultra-low flush toilets. A standard toilet uses up to 18 liters (4.5 gallons) of water and an ultra-low flush uses just under six liters (1.5 gallons) of water per flush. To decrease the amount of water your toilet uses per flush, and to save on your home's water bill, you can convert your toilet to a dual-flush toilet.

Approximately 30% of your home water use goes to flushing your toilet. A dual-flush upgrade kit will allow you to use the regular amount of water, or use less water, depending on if there is solid waste or just liquid waste in the toilet. On an ultra-low flow toilet, a dual-flush upgrade kit will let you flush with either 5.7 liters (1.6 gallons) or just under three liters (0.8-0.9 gallons), reducing your home toilet's water use.

Diaper Sprayer

This attachment upgrade on your home's toilet will give you the capability of spraying baby poop off your  baby's cloth diapers and into the toilet before washing the diapers in the washing machine. By using cloth diapers, a family can save money as they buy the reusable diapers once and use them indefinitely. And, you can also use this diaper sprayer to rinse off your kids' soiled underpants during their potty training period.

A diaper sprayer attachment hooks onto the toilet's water supply below the tank and you can attach the sprayer onto the wall or side of the toilet for convenient access.


Adding a little bit of Europe to your toilet is easy by installing a toilet seat that has a bidet attachment. This attachment allows you to wash your body's bidet-specific areas without buying and installing an entire bidet. You just need to adjust the position of the sprayer to suit your needs, and you can control the spray by pushing a button mounted on your toilet. 

Heated Toilet Seat 

If you are tired of sitting on a cold toilet first thing in the morning, you can install a heated toilet seat onto your toilet. A heated toilet seat comes with three different temperature settings you can use to warm up the seat for you. You can even add a heated foot warmer to go with your heated seat to help you avoid a cold bathroom floor while you are doing your business.

Motion-Activated Toilet

You have probably heard of a self-flushing toilet, but there are a couple of new motion-activated features you can add to your toilet to make it smarter. 

A sensor on the front of your toilet will open and close the toilet seat lid for you when you approach the toilet and walk away. Also, another sensor turns on a filtering fan while you are using the toilet. This fan circulates the air from the toilet bowl through a carbon filter to clean any odors and pumps out fresh-smelling air at the back of the toilet.

These various types of toilet add-ons and upgrades can make your 1 1/2 years of time on the toilet a little bit better. If you need help installing any of these upgrades, work with an experienced plumber from a company like Aaron & Son