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Shopping For A Chandelier? 3 Things You Should Consider Before Hitting The Stores

If you are looking for a way to add a little sparkle to your living or dining room, you might be in the market for a new chandelier. Unfortunately, if you start shopping before you understand the market, you might find yourself drowning in decisions. Here are three things you should consider before hitting the stores, so that you end up with a chandelier you will love forever:

1: Type

Before you get carried away with prisms, metal types, and detailed finishes, it is important to decide on a chandelier type. Although there are several offshoot varieties of chandeliers, most of the ones that you come across will be variants of these basic chandelier styles: 

  • Traditional Tiered: Tiered chandeliers contain a top, middle, and bottom section with lighting fixtures emanating from each area. Tiered chandeliers are typically designed for more formal spaces, as they tend to contain ornate metal work. However, there are contemporary tiered chandeliers that offer a touch of elegance with a 21st century, minimalistic look.
  • Drum: Drum-style chandeliers contain an internal lighting fixture surrounded by a drum-shaped light shade. These chandeliers give off a warm glow, and can be used in less formal areas.  
  • Mission-Style: In the old days when chandeliers contained candles, some versions were protected from the wind by glass box-shaped containers. Mission-style chandeliers channel this old-world charm, incorporating round or square glass surroundings that diffuse the light and disguise unsightly light bulbs.

Before you start shopping, think of the design scheme present throughout the rest of your home. If your place is modeled after a Tuscan villa, a modern, minimalist chandelier might seem out of place. Try to select a version that melds well with your home's existing hardware—unless you plan to upgrade everything else along with your lighting.

2: Size

After you know which type of chandelier you want, you might zero in on one of the models on the sales floor without any regard to the size of your room. However, things tend to look a lot smaller in large lighting warehouses, which might mean that you end up with a chandelier that overtakes your entire space.

To make your chandelier blend right in, take careful measurements of the room where it will go before you start shopping. For rooms smaller than 10x10 feet, look for a chandelier with a base that is between 17-20 inches. For rooms larger than 12x12 feet, a chandelier with a diameter between 26 and 27 inches might be appropriate. When you have your chandelier installed, remember not to hang it any closer than 30 inches away from your tabletop. Otherwise, it might make it hard to see people across the table or carry on a conversation.  

3: Functionality

Last but not least, look for a chandelier with functional features that you would enjoy. After all, what good is a lighting fixture if it doesn't work like the rest of the lamps in your house? Here are two great options that you should explore:

  • Dimmer Switches: If you want the option of adjusting the brightness of your lighting fixture, look for a model fitted with a dimmer switch. These neat devices control the flow of electricity to the bulbs, so that you can create a candlelight look whenever you want.
  • LED Lights: To add a splash of color, look for a chandelier that accepts color-changing LED light bulbs. You might be able to make your St. Patrick's Day dinner special by going green, or support your favorite sports team by blasting their team colors during the game.  

Becoming a more familiar with your chandelier options might help you to narrow down the field and make your living or dining room truly special. For more information, contact a lighting specialist in your area.