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Six Tips On Making Your Move Easier With A Dumpster Rental

Moving offers you a fabulous opportunity to declutter and get rid of unwanted junk, but if you have been living in your current home for a long time, you may have more garbage than a simple plastic bag can handle. If that's the case, rent a dumpster to streamline your move. To make the most of your dumpster, keep these essential tips in mind:

1. Err on the side of renting a too-large dumpster

Dumpster rental companies have a range of sizes available, and it can be hard to know which size you need for your project. Talk with the rental company about your move, the size of your house and how much garbage you anticipate having.

With that information, these professionals can estimate the size of dumpster you need. If possible, err on the side of renting a too large rather than a too small dumpster. If the dumpster rental is too small, you will have to make side trips to the dump, wasting you time, money and fuel.

On the other hand, if the dumpster is slightly too large, you only have a bit of extra space left in the top. It doesn't really affect your move at all.

2. Make alternative plans for your hazardous waste

While throwing out unwanted stuff, keep in mind that most electronics, batteries, cans of paint and several other items are considered to be toxic waste. You cannot throw these items into your dumpster, but the dumpster rental company may be willing to dispose of them for you or give you the contact details of an organization that focuses on taking those types of hazardous items. Make a plan for these items when you rent your dumpster.

3. Create a last chance freebies spot next to the dumpster

If you have items that are borderline between garbage and useable, you may not feel comfortable just throwing them straight into the dumpster to go to the landfill. Instead, consider making a last chance freebie pile of those items.

Just set these old items next to the dumpster with a free sign on them. You can even pop an ad online if you want to maximize the exposure of those items. If someone grabs them and re-uses them, great. If they don't you can rest assured that you have tried your hardest, and you can just throw them into the dumpster with no guilt at all.  

4. Grab the axe to deal with bulky over-sized items

If you have broken down furniture or other large garbage, putting it into the dumpster as it is can take up a lot of room. Instead, grab your axe and cut these items down to size so you can maximize your use of space in the dumpster. If you have kids, they will love getting their hands dirty with this destruction project.

5. Keep perishable daily waste out of the dumpster

As you are moving and throwing out large items, you will still have your daily trash. Ideally, you should continue to put daily trash in your regular garbage cans. Most dumpster rentals do not have lids, and because of that if you throw away your daily trash with its banana peels, dinner scraps and other perishable items, it can attract flies and make your area stinky. If you know that you want to put your daily waste or other perishables into the dumpster, try renting one with a lid.

6. Remember yard waste

Your rented dumpster is ideal for old furniture, unfinished projects, broken toys and other garbage that is building up in your attic or garage. However, you can also use your dumpster for yard waste. Do not forget to consider that when renting your dumpster, assessing what size you need and where you want to place it on your property.