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Want To Paint A Room In Your Home? 5 Necessary Steps For Success

Painting a room in your home is a great way to really transform a space. However, to really change the area, you need to know how to approach the paint job. There are five primary steps you will need to go through to paint a room in your home.

Step #1: Choose the Paint Color

The first thing you need to do is choose the paint color for the room. You will want to select a color that you like, and in a shade that creates the effect, you are going for. In a small room, you may want to use a lighter hue to open up space. You may want to stick to a darker hue in a large room to make the space feel more intimate. You may want to get some sample colors to figure out what color you want.

When you choose a color, you will want to make sure you get the right type of paint. For example, use indoor paint for painting outside and use outdoor paint for painting outside.

Step #2: Cover Up the Room

Second, you will need to cover up anything you don't want paint on in the room. That means laying drop cloths or plastic all over the floors and furniture. Secure the drop cloths and plastic in place with tape. This will help ensure that paint doesn't get anywhere you don't want it.

If you don't want to get paint on the molding or the ceiling or a nearby wall, you will want to place painters' tape around it.

Step #3: Prepare the Walls

Third, you are going to want to prepare the walls. You want to have a smooth surface to paint on. If there are any holes or damage to the walls, you will want to fill them in and then sand things down. Again, you want to have a smooth surface to paint on for the best results.

Step #4: Paint the Wall

Forth, you are going to want to apply primer to the wall and allow the primer to dry. After the primer dries, you are going to want to apply the paint. Use high-quality paintbrushes for the best possible application. For interior paint, you are generally going to want to apply two layers of paint. If you are painting over really dark walls, you may want to use three layers of paint. Allow each layer of paint to dry before applying the new layer.

Step #5: Clean Up

Finally, you are going to want to clean everything up. Wait for the paint to dry, remove the painter's tape around the walls, and take off the drop cloths and plastic covering the walls and enjoy the new paint.

If you want to paint one or more rooms in your home, you will want to hire a paint contractor to help you paint your house. They can expedite the process and deliver a professional result.