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3 Ways Renting Equipment Can Benefit Your Landscaping Business

If you own a landscaping business, and you want to grow your business, you need to look into equipment rentals. Renting equipment is a great way to expand your business and take on bigger and more complicated jobs. Here are three ways that renting equipment can benefit your landscaping business.

#1 Bid on Larger Jobs

If you want to expand your landscaping business, you are going to need to start bidding on larger jobs. Instead of just mowing yards and raking leaves, you need to start offering bigger services, such as planting trees and shrubs, aerating lawns, or preparing gardens. You can also start bidding on larger jobs for businesses with lots of landscaping needs.

When you win larger jobs, you can rent the equipment that you need to complete the job. Just make sure that you account for the rental cost of equipment in your bid so that you walk away with a profit from the job.

#2 Offer More Services to Your Clients

You can also expand upon the services that you currently offer your clients. You may have lots of clients who would be more than happy to pay you to do more in-depth landscaping and yard work around their home. In order to do that, you need the equipment first. You can survey your current customers to see what type of landscaping jobs they would be interested in hiring you for, then you can offer a special for that type of work for a specific period of time. During that specific period of time, you can rent the equipment that will allow you to get the work done. This is a great way to expand your business and profits, so you can make more permanent investments in the equipment you need.

#3 Allow for Cash Flow

Renting equipment to expand your business will also allow you to make sure that you have the cash flow that you need. Generally, it is less expensive to pay rental fees for a few months than it is to invest in brand new equipment and the maintenance needs of that equipment. Renting equipment will allow you to increase your savings and cash flow so that you can later purchase the equipment you need.

Renting equipment will also allow you to see what equipment helps you grow your business the most and what equipment didn't really help you get bigger projects. Renting will allow you to know the right equipment to invest in.